The pope, christians and John McCain

In the past this website consisted of news and commentary relative to religion, primarily the catholic church and the popes.

(there’s 2 of them currently)

If I were to report every incidence of abuse by clergy or other crimes by gods holy men, there’s not enough hours in the day.

Being the case I’ve decided to concentrate on the catholic church.

I was forced to be catholic that has been the single worse thing to have happened to me in 62 years on the planet.

Let’s not fuck around.  This is it.  I despise the catholic church, the popes and every current member who continues to drop envelopes in the offering basket.  When this organization of pedophiles and those with blood lust, (the church has blood from old popes plus bones) ceases to exist, and it will the world can then come together as one.  Imagine.

I will post on other news including the VA,  health and fitness, mental health and more. A view of reality without spelling correctness.

Plus racing_girl with racing news and commentary.

I will continue to add to the “about” page and get more into my experience and thoughts on lifting and the bodybuilding world.

Oh and john mccain?  just another gay hating bigot but who down deep, probally aint an all bad guy afterall.  Good riddance.

Time to go watch the atheist experience.  Highly recommended!

My opinion Matt Dillahunty is the best debater there is.

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