#sherwoodbrown this is how my visit to see va mental health went today.

Hello Senator;

I’m a disabled vet of the vietnam era.  I had an appt. with mental health for an evaluation.

In this clinic veterans swipe their cards and are signed in through a kiosk.

When I swiped the kiosk failed to confirm my appt. and sent me to the secretary.  Who entered me in the system.

When the appt was 20 minutes late I asked the secretary who said you would let mental health know I was here.  At the 30 minute mark mental health call my telephone and asked if I’m there to see mental health.  Then comes out to receive me.

Typical aventures with the va.

how much money was thrown at this kiosk setup?

It’s not worth having.  One vet after another had the system fail.  Although not all.

I don’t know, the treatment Ive had via obamacare doctors pails in comparison but this type of thing has been forever.

Then again you and the va got me harvoni where medicade was (still is) distibuting in violation of the fda label and that left me out.

For 7 years time I cannot get back.

Thanks for your time and efforts.


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