Running Like Hell Away From The V.A.

Since my last I finally saw the mental health nurse practitioner at the v.a. clinic.  Now roughly 10 days and 4 drugs later, I’m running like hell away from the v.a.  Oh and twice prescriptions I took to a local drugstore were written wrong causing me extra trips.


No worries about privatizing the va.  it’s clearly to0 flucked up to ever be profitable.


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  1. Effective may 11 I have chosen to use the va mental health peeps for my med control. I was assigned a nurse practioner by colemans and kept that appointment as a means of second opinion.
    What I got was 15 minutes with a practioner. The va took an hour in our first visit then 30 minutes every visit thereafter. That practioner and I have come to an understanding and I’ll run with them for a minute.

  2. On top of it all my m.h. doc goes on vacation and when I had questions concerning my meds there was magically no one who covers.
    So they eventually create one who calls from springfield oh. Sure seems logical a doc in Lima OH. would have their backup in totally different facility.
    Sure go ahead. Take the va private.
    #welcometoournightmare #hadenough

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