Finally All True Racing Fans Have Been Vindicated

Vindicated by Danniker Patrick destroying yet again, race winning caliber equipment.

Maybe now announcers will get off her cock and realize The King and thousands of true race fans speak truth when they say, bitch can’t drive.

For dollars spent #ColeWhitt has outperformed danniker, placed higher and destroyed a hella lot less equipment.

It’s a shame no sports are sports any longer but businesses.  With announcers forced to suck her cock or else face disappearance ala #RustyWallace.  Rusty got canned for not playing along.  The current set of announcers  are just plain cocksuckers who do not care.

Patrick is a steering wheel holder who got famous whoring herself out doing softcore porn commercials for godaddy.  She’s also fond of riding the cock carousel bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend cuz who would want kids with the cunt.





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