Your Vote Brings Victories To The Freedom From Religion Foundation

1.  The House flipping makes it far more likely, however, that the Johnson Amendment will be protected for the next two years at the least.

2. Kim Davis, the Kentucky bigot and Rowan County clerk who denied same sex couples marriage licenses, lost her re-election bid. #fuckyouverymuchcunt  naturally she is being replaced by a male of our species who will get the job done.

3.  Megan Hunt, a progressive who is an atheist, won her bid to become a Nebraska state senator by 30 percentage points.

The Bad:

1.  Alabama voters unfortunately passed Amendment 1 with 71 percent of the vote, which approved placing Ten Commandments displays in government buildings, including public schools.

The Good:

1.  Once again The Freedom From Religion Foundation

will fuck them up in court and make them pay for the pleasure.

2. Senator Brown won but is a war and fear monger like each and every member of congress.



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