The Veterans Administration Pisses Away More Of Your Money!

After I recently received meds or it was my most recent appointment with one of my doctors I was sent an email wanting me to fill out a survey regarding my most recent “experience” with V.A.

  1. Experience is defined as the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it.  Having an appointment with a V.A. doctor be it pcd or mental health one does not gain the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it.

2.  Experience is also defined as to encounter or undergo an event or occurrence.

Obtaining meds or seeing a doctor could be defined as to encounter or to undergo an event.  I’m ok with that but it is does not meet the definition of an experience as defined under #1 above.

But the V.A. in all their greatness and understanding of the needs of veterans, (see this article as an example of their greatness, ) has deemed it necessary to piss away more of  tax payers money and create the Veterans Experience Office with Lynda Davis as Chief Veterans Experience Officer.

This is an outrage undoubtedly in the name of equality or some feminist gynocentric based bullshit that has no place, no need and of no value to the needs of veterans.

Oh and btw veterans are receiving this email because we have after all provided our email addresses to the V.A. which somehow gives them the right to send us blatant spam emails.  But gracious as the V.A. is they do provide a link to opt out of future surveys.  No where does it state that by providing an email addy to  the V.A. is giving them permission to spam us with worthless nonsense.

It’s bad enough we now have to put up with bibles in V.A. hospitals and catholic priest both who offer nothing of value to the veteran.  Unless you call an endorsement of slavery (Exodus: 21) and members of the largest known pedophile ring in the world as offering anything of value, well at least will be here to inform veterans of the facts and taxpayers as to where and why your tax money continues to be pissed away.

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