Investment Advice From Teh-Suze

Here’s what has worked me.

No wait, here’s what doesn’t work.

1.  not being able to stay in.  it’s not bill money.

what has worked;

background in statistics at the college level to understand

statistical analysis.

2. couple years college accounting.

with that one can learn exactly the parameters that warren buffet uses in investment decisions.  he’s nothing special but the largest investor in swaps in the world. trillions of dollars.

oracle my ass.

but I digress:

3. basic understanding of futures and options. metals etc.

4. otherwise funds are you best friend and will undoubtedly make more than I would have ever on my own.

5. I think it was the ten years prior to 2008 only 2 U.S. companies made money.  Walmart and Mcdonalds.

Ive owned both and would again right now at the market.

but as companies I’ll give as much business to Amazon as possible and Mcd’s I do like the cc cookies.  good value

6. Metals, you should own some metals of choice that’s easy to transport.  I follow silver and dating back to the late 90’s Ive yet to get excited but

7. had I ever been able to not need the money for my family and dollar cost averaged in I would have made money selling today.

8. Dollar cost average in.  sure try to pick lows or events prior to investment.  Hell ya got all this education for bro.

9. Reits.  If you understand them the returns are what older investors might want to consider.

10.  Mutual funds.  Yes but I would us an low cost s&p 500 fund more like a bank account that earns interest as anything else. not for my long term money.

11. I do not know which may still offer dividend reinvestment opportunities to buy direct from the companies.  Bob Evans Farms used to and other large dividend paying companies.  no broker fees.

Today’s investors have the opportunity to consider crypto currencies such as bit coin, lite coin and many others.

I am considering dollar cost averaging some fifties in litecoin as I like what cryptos can offer as currencies in the future.

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