Important Information For Veterans Under Mental Health Care Via The Va System

When you call your nearest va clinic for mental health does anyone ever answer the phone? Or do you get an answering machine where you may get a call back in up to 24 hours.

This phone should always be answered by a human being. The veteran on the other end may be freaking out because his meds are not working etc.

I asked whose phone it is that rings at my va clinic. I asked this person (and 2 others) why this is so and why don’t you complain. “we have it’s done no good” to which I replied then why I have you not contacted your senator namely Senator Brown,
you can contact him directly via facebook.
All 3, we aren’t allowed contact with elected officials for any reason via social media.

This is not acceptable. The proposed band aid for this is if a vet need to talk or see someone in mental health then go to the clinic.

This is not acceptable.
This message is going to everyone I can from my clinics director, to the dayton va director, to the top va director and Senator Brown.

Senator Brown obtained funds where others could not to obtain harvoni for vets that could not otherwise obtain hepc treatment. I personally fought medicade for 7 years and exposed their fraud and was silenced. pronto. He’s been there for vets and I am certain, if need be will be on this issue.

The va literally chose money over helping vets to the best of their ability when they yanked pharmacies out of clinics. There’s a problem with the veterans administration and their ability to service veterarans with mental health issues.
Vets, ask questions at your clinic.
Those of you in authority positions take action and prove it.

The Veterans and Church/State Advocate of
Suzy Spellcheck

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