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Finally All True Racing Fans Have Been Vindicated

Vindicated by Danniker Patrick destroying yet again, race winning caliber equipment. Maybe now announcers will get off her cock and realize The King and thousandsRead More …

Rolling Out The Ferrari And Getting My Lift On.

Finally got motivated to roll out the ferrari. And it was good. Yesterday got my lift on.  First time since december. longest time away inRead More …

Investment Advice From Teh-Suze

Here’s what has worked me. No wait, here’s what doesn’t work. 1.  not being able to stay in.  it’s not bill money. what has worked;Read More …

About how it is today Lost In Middle America

Lima Oh.  that is but like this today here in the square.  blech

What It´s Like Being Catholic In A Secular School

and they wonder why kids go postal.

Roy Moore Gimmicks Jimmy Swaggart

Roy Moore made a plea for money you will hear 27 times this weekend on your television. I saw this on facebook.  In the commentsRead More …

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While Enjoying The Trump Tax Cuts

while enjoying a raise on your pay you may not have noticed something. yes soon as this even t took place the federal reserve raisedRead More …

More than half of U. S. gun owners do not safely store their guns

no wonder kids walk onto the playground with loaded weapons. over and over again. yall are why i favor ¨some¨ changes in gun laws

Bring Back Start And Parks

What? 36 cars at fastlanta.  Nascar as they have been the moment they decided to go “family friendly” in an arena where men and womenRead More …