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Important Information For Veterans Under Mental Health Care Via The Va System

When you call your nearest va clinic for mental health does anyone ever answer the phone? Or do you get an answering machine where youRead More … expands awareness with new domain purchases

see the official statement here

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Suzyspellcheck leaves church.

I left the church and within days they started to call me.  Calls telling me everything from I”m doomed without church to how much allRead More …

Veterans Needed. Get Paid $125 From Fieldwork NRC

Fieldwork NRC is looking for Veterans and Family Members/Caregivers of Veterans, 18+ years of age. To be considered, please click on the link below andRead More …

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#MGTOW And The Mature Man

I live in an apartment building for 62 n older. One of the tenants a 72 (looks 62) introduced herself to me.  After properly shitRead More …


Let it be known, Borebone Industries (borebone industries, chicago illinois 60601) in cooperation with is in the process of acquiring new and exciting domainRead More …

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Your Vote Brings Victories To The Freedom From Religion Foundation

1.  The House flipping makes it far more likely, however, that the Johnson Amendment will be protected for the next two years at the least. 2. KimRead More …

Trump Administration Guilty Of Religiously Motivated Discrimination.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is condemning the Trump administration’s latest attempt to advance the plague of religiously motivated discrimination. According to a leaked TrumpRead More …

Attention Ladies!

how to give a lazy blowjob you can even just lay there. as usual buwahahahaha #goodtobesingle

Dear Friend Needs Help

kin of she who led me into the light needs help

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