Hello I am Suzy Spellcheck.  I am teh suze because of comments condemning anyone who misspelled something.  My logic says if one can complain about the spelling and still comprehend the subject matter, then that’s plain trolling.

So bravely enters Suzyspellcheck to end the spelling correct nonsense and blog my own brand of reality without spelling correctness.

I look for news that doesn’t come from a television set that effects your daily lives.

I will also share my knowledge and experience on health, fitness, drug addiction, veterans issues, racing, gardening and others.

I am a 62 year old disabled vet of the vietnam era.


I live in ohio, from Indianapolis where Ive been retired  since I was 55.  Live in section 8 housing (I’ll give the truth on this issue) I surrendered my drivers license in “12”.  People on disability checks have no business owning cars.  Either the car will usually be in ill repair or uninsured.  We simply don’t make enough and it’s my way of going green.  Trying to do what my heart says is right regardless of impact.

Oh and I even lift and cycle.

Been a bodybuilder for 30 years.   Only thing Ive learned is what not to do.  I’ll post on this as I have a deep passion for training.

My health is suffering as I type but I recently took up cycling and it was like starting all over in the weight room.  Stronger, faster with more endurance each and every time I get on the bike.  For me this is heaven sent.

More to follow.  With enough action I will encourage comments after the initial bot attack the site is about to have.


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