Month: March 2018

In The 21st Century vatican to hold exorcist training course after rise in possessions

Seriously?  The vaticans answer to mental illness. How about some training to leave children alone. nah never mind

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Kentucky Senators Showing The Love To Teachers

Kentucky Senators Showing The Love To Teachers with a 291 page bill of pension stuff. Remember Senators, it’s you guys who suggested arming teachers withRead More …

Yet Another New Head Of The V.A.

Oh the joy of never ending bullshit with the va. even now at this time I am in need of mental health care and theRead More …

Does This Policy Put Vets At Risk

My V.A. Clinic does not dispense meds.  They use to but replaced them by a more costlier version, mailing out of Dayton Oh.  My lastRead More …

Racing Gurls Most Overlooked Nascar Driver

That’s my boy #colewhitt driver holds a smooth wheel in the pack at daytona and dega and will be running in the top 10-15 withRead More …

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Racing Gurls Views On Nascar

So there’s a certain number of charter teams guaranteed a starting spot regardless.  So far daytona aside no one else is bothering to enter. CoupleRead More …

Tariffs Are Not The Presidents Language

Who is speaking for the president?  Who generally speaking writes bills and laws presented in congress. just who is behind the presidents ideas on tarifffs?Read More …

Investment Advice From Teh-Suze

Here’s what has worked me. No wait, here’s what doesn’t work. 1.  not being able to stay in.  it’s not bill money. what has worked;Read More …

About how it is today Lost In Middle America

Lima Oh.  that is but like this today here in the square.  blech

What It´s Like Being Catholic In A Secular School

and they wonder why kids go postal.

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